Is leadership truly effective without informed and committed followers? How successful can teams be without all members striving to work well together? It is interesting to note if you do an internet search for leadership books, you will find it very difficult to get to the bottom of the list. If you do a similar search for books on following, the list is sparse. Many people have written about how companies “rise and fall” on leadership. Most agree with the premise of the importance of leadership. However, we believe equal or greater focus should be put on the ability of individuals and teams to follow well. We believe following well is one of the best ways to learn leadership. We believe leaders become leaders within companies because they demonstrated the qualities and attributes becoming of a leader. Spending an unwarranted amount of time asking those same leaders to adapt to fit the teams they lead, without also hyper-focusing on each team member’s understanding of how to adapt to the unique positive traits of the leader, is counterproductive.

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