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Pivot Planning

Long gone are the days of spending days, weeks, or in some case months developing convoluted multiyear strategic plans. Legacy strategic plans lacked the clarity and flexibility required to execute effectively. Progressive companies are implementing planning mechanisms with the nimbleness necessary to pivot in the face of both foreseen or unforeseen social, economic, or political changes and/or disruptions.

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Solushiens Advisors are uniquely equipped to initiate serious discussions and confidently speak with board members, executives, team members, newcomers, outsiders, or strangers. Our firm has the proven ability to formulate important relationships resulting in continual mission-oriented accomplishments and to improve professional camaraderie. We believe it is important to focus on the development of leadership skills in conjunction with effective ways to follow based on identified strengths and personality traits.

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Talent Optimization

Employee disengagement is a widespread issue that causes organizations to lose billions of dollars to poor productivity, absenteeism, safety issues, poor client service, and toxic workplace cultures. By some measures, more than 70 percent of U.S. employees are disengaged. Optimizing talent means always considering these four factors: job, manager, team, and culture. Solushiens helps organizations keep these factors top of mind.

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who we serve

commercial Enterprises

Solushiens advises organizations on high-level decisions in an informed manner. Our advisors begin each project with investigation, research, knowledge acquisition, and data gathering to deliver effective and practical results with maximum clarity (Firm Foundation). 

Our team of Advisors have experience in engineering, information technology, legal technology, healthcare and healthcare technology,  energy (LNG), pipeline, oil & gas, professional services, petrochemical, environmental, safety, project management, church leadership and administration, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and other vocations, disciplines, and industries.

k-12 schools

Solushiens works with Pre-K – 12 public education entities including state education agencies and departments, charter school systems, school districts, school networks, foundations, and non-profit organizations supportive of education improvement and reform. We work with our clients to design strategies based on ethics, intellection, mission alignment, and customized use of best practices. Our strategic designs are practical and delivered to ensure clarity and the transfer of intellectual property for post-engagement sustainability. Now is the time for education to Pivot in support of current and future learning demands.


The social sector (nonprofits) fills existing gaps between government and commercial markets, human and/or environmental impact, and the needs of under-served communities. We help nonprofits with purposes including foster care, feeding the homeless, preservation, public health, education, addiction, marriage, family, and mental health counseling.

Solushiens leverages ethical business practices, innovation, change models, multi-industry learning models, and partners from the private sector to Pivot towards achieve nonprofit goals.


Solushiens believes one of the best ways to support ethical business practices and to maximize social impact is to support the general health and effectiveness of churches. Healthy churches are known in the communities they serve by a demonstration of love, purposeful suffering, truth, holiness, grace-filled reality, service opportunities, and wholehearted concern for the human condition. 

Solushiens consultants are highly motivated to leverage corporate practices in conjunction with the authority and direction of scripture to participate in the unity of the Body and the building of the Kingdom

Solushiens believes ethical and Christ-centered business practices, adapted for church use may be one of the only ways, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to help churches pivot in route to the accomplishment of the mission of Christ in a measurable and scalable manner.

Why Us?

“Solushiens team members have developed and will continue to develop unique frameworks, tools, methodologies, and approaches. It is our intent to share the benefits of our Pivot Planning expertise with clarity without negating all rights reserved for the company….” – Charles Pulliam, CEO

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