How will Solushiens

implement DEIA

(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access) in my workplace?


We quiz your team.

We’ll send out an introductory email to each member of your team that will be participating in our training sessions over the next few months. 

Inside the email will be a link to a personality-type quiz that will give us some insight into how you each work. When we meet up for our kick-off training, we’ll bring everyone’s results on fancy print-outs which will come in handy for one of the examples during our session.


We introduce DEIA to your team.

We will host a 2-hour Kick-off Session at your location (or rent one if needed) with your team. During our session, we will cover the basics of DEIA such as definitions, who you should seek out for questions, how the government is involved in all of this… things like that.

  • Diversity – being composed of differing elements or qualities
  • Equity – freedom from bias or favoritism
  • Inclusion – the act or practice of including and accommodating
  • Access – permission, liberty, or ability to enter, approach, or pass to and from a place or to approach or communicate with a person or thing


Your team tells us what they think.

We use a style of informal 1 to1 interviewing that allows each team member to feel at ease and give their honest feedback. We will give the questions, electronically, ahead of time so there is plenty of time to think about the answers. Each interview lasts approximately 15 minutes and is just a quick overview of what they have written down, to get a feel for how they view things. Each response is kept confidential between the person being interviewed, and Solushiens.

We take all this information back with us, and turn it into useable, visual insights about your team.


Togher, we make a training plan.

Once we’ve completed the gathering and analysis of the charrettes, we will come back together for–what we like to call–a DEIA Strategy Session. 

In this session, your team will be instrumental in deciding the course of action for the training sessions in the months ahead. It will be a democratic gathering of minds, carefully led by a subject matter expert, based on the graphical results given by the team during their interviews. 

By the close of this session we will produce:

  • a training schedule
  • a list of objectives and completion dates
  • leadership roles over each section


let the training commence

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